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Tips & Tricks on things to carry to a Rave in 2020

Welcome to this post, here we’re going to go over tips, tricks essentials and how to smuggle whatever you want to bring in to the festivals so hop on this pony and let’s go for it. Everyone thing you’re going to want to convey, is amping, you know, or a mask, to cover your mouth as well as glasses. Every single music festival, no matter where it is, it’s going to- have some sort of debris in the air flying around dirt grass leaves rain. Who even knows there’s going to be something?

My personal Tips & Tricks that I use at every Festivals

So you want to be safe, not sorry, and bring something to cover your face. I won’t even lie to you when I’ve had situations where my whole mouth is full of grass and dirt, and nobody wants that at all, so definitely bring some things to cover yourself, ski the next thing, you’re going to, want to want to convey. Is that was such an I’m sorry. So the next thing you’re going to want to bring is something to charge your phone with. I would bring my box for my phone charger as well, and then you’re going to want to bring an external charging port because you’re going to be walking around.

If I’m going to be dining, you don’t want to sit at the charging station for a couple of hours and make sure it’s charged, so make sure you bring the external charging station and make sure you also bring in the charger for that. So when you do go to the charging station, you can be charging both at the same time and just get like really your bang for your buck on wasting time sitting there, because you don’t want to be stuck with the dead phone or be lost or something that you can’t get ahold of your friends, because that would be shitty to make sure that you, research is if the vendor’s food drinks or just um. If there’s like essential stories that Coachella has if they take cash or credit cards because there are some festivals that don’t take a lot of credit cards and you’re going to have to carry cash with you.

rave tips tricks 2020

But there’s also some that mostly all take credit cards which I’m not a person that likes to carry cash around cards are just so much more convenient and sometimes even take applicants you, so you don’t have to bring with your whole wallet. You can do spring. Maybe one or two cards and then a couple of bills or something if you need it. But it’s super easy if the vendors that you’re actually going to want to go to have just Apple pay and just buy it straight from your phone, because of the last stuff, the better because you don’t want to be carrying around A whole big backpack, full of and that’s not so heavy and inconvenient the last essential of this section of the video is going to be band-aids or the little blister things.

Why is carrying a backpack very useful at a Festival

After all, you’re always going to get sore feet. No matter what shoes you wear, hopefully, you don’t, but um. It’S been sporadic cases where I never saw it. I just happen. Never because you’re at the festival for most of the day for a few days, you’re going to want to be extras only in case and always be safe, more than sorry, ok. What to wear! I get asked this question so many times. Still, I’m going to tell you I am like so into creating outfits like it isn’t funny fun, funniest also most unusual, but that is a ridiculous thing in the world to do is create a bomb-ass outfit that you can’t wear, you know like something unique – very outgoing and crazy, like go the off with your outfit.

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This is your one chance to wear whatever you want, and people are not going to judge you like to make it fashion, make whatever just go off honestly. Still, you are going to want to make sure that what you’re wearing is like very comfortable, because you are Going to be active all day, not just for one hour, it’s not only one concert for maybe two or three hours, you’re there all day, and you need to be comfortable. So there are a couple of things that I wrote down, that you probably should not wear one would be jeans would be the most uncomfortable thing ever unless you’re going to a cold music festival.

Why is wearing jeans not a good option at festivals

I would not wear jeans unless it’s like, maybe like 50 degrees. Then perhaps I would dress like some kind of G and something cute something that’s not very like clingy, though, and something you can move around in you doesn’t want to go wearing some likely vines that are super stiff, and you can’t move. You can’t dance because that’s just like so uncomfortable when you’re someone wants to take those off and blow them in the bitches blow them fly. We want to try on your outfit and like walk around on them and loose in your house. A couple of times where you just go full throttle into the music festival, because you’re going to want to figure out is everything that you wear is like.

Ok and comfortable, because if you get there and you’re like wow, this is super shitty. Now you have to wear that all day and if you’re going to be there from noon to maybe like 1 a.m., that’s a long time, and you can’t just go out because it takes forever to come back in the festival. It’S like those little cute little pasty, things different shapes different colors, whatever um these work for a lot of people. But if you are going to wear these – and I know it sucks because you can’t stick them back on, but if you’re going to wear those or just wear like a sheer mesh top over. Please jump on at home and just like chill out with your nippy.

These watch some Netflix and just wear them and make sure that these stay on because I’ve tried on some, and thank God I tried it on at home because they peel straight off. And can you imagine if you’re walking in feeling cute feeling fun feeling fresh and then all of a sudden you’re wearing a see-through shirt and your nipple cover comes off swinging your whole boobs off, and now your thing I wanted to bring up is the bag choices? So I’m going to, want to have your essentials. You’re not going to have too much stuff, not going to want to have too little material. But what I have to say about bags is to make sure that you choose a backpack.

How can a jacket with zippers be useful

That’s very secure because people are known to get their jackets at festivals, especially backpacks, in the back. Where there’s a lot of zippers, people can just bounce it around, go right in there, take some of your stuff out. So you don’t want to have that happening, and I would say that the best thing for me that has worked for its fanny packs because you can wear them in the front and you can see what’s going on and if somebody pulls on it, you’re like a bitch. That’S mine, and you can hold it right.

I’ve had situations where I felt like the people behind me or like pretty sketchy, and especially when you’re watching something, and you guys are just jam-packed just like spooning groping you’re like I don’t have any personal space, and your backpack is on your back. You are dancing around it, and you’re, not going to, be able to feel if somebody opens your bag, so we’re backpack in the front if you’re watching a show or watching somebody DJ, like whatever it is lit, put it in your backpack in the front Or wear a fanny pack in the front and if you’re walking around, obviously somebody can’t just like take it out. That’s easy!

You sneeze, and we’re in the back then, but just when you’re, like really squished up against people, it just is super aware of who’s around you, because so many people get their jacked and it’s just not fun for anybody. You get yourself stolen, and it’s only a super inconvenient shoe, so everybody I tell to wear the cutest shoes that you can’t like seriously go off, make your outfits porches like I love seeing people’s outfits and how they put them together. It’S freaking awesome, but the tips that I do have for shoes just make sure again that you test your shoes out before you go.

Why I don’t buy a new pair of shoes for raves

What I don’t do is buy a brand new pair of socks and then wear them for the first time you the festival, because if you do have docks already, you know that takes a long time to break-in, and they are terrible to break in, And they’ll give you blisters all over your feet. So definitely, if you’re thinking about wearing dogs, they’re super cute, just wear them like to work. If you compare those to work, we’re just wearing them to town every weekend before you go to make sure that those are all good. The other shoes that I have had bad experiences with are the low-rise um that the basic vans, the high-rise, those are called high-rise.

The higher like this, like both your cool ones, are super comfortable, and those have never even been blisters, but the low ones. Those basic skater ones – I don’t even know what they’re called. I’ll put a picture right here. Those give me blisters on the bottom, where it hits your ankle. So if you are trying to wear those, I’m a band-aid for right there, because it’s inevitable that you’re going to get a poster in the next section. I know you guys were all waiting for this entire video. Just what you’re waiting for is how to hide whatever you’re trying to hide number one.

Don’t try to hide things from the security guard

Do you buy it like Spencer’s? It’s not. That place is called that store where that’s always in malls. There’S like the fake tampon thing, and you can like put something in there. That was unique, maybe ten years ago, but now every security guard knows precisely what that is, and they’re going to check it. I’ve been in line and watched; a girl gets all those taken out. She had all sorts of and all those, and they opened it up – said bitch you’re stupid and then threw all from away and one you just wasted a lot of your money too.

Now you’re unfortunate because you’re not going to happen a good time. So, instead of buying some of those fake things, you’re trying to use stuff that you already have. My main tip is to put them in like pockets of your bra or your panty. If you’re a girl or your guy anyway, I’m not sure if, like the type boxers, probably have the same thing. So if you’re, oh ok, it’s your girl! Do you mix you on under this? Am I going to show you guys some places to hide your one? This side right here, donuts, are so hairy. There’S like a little side, pocket right on the side, usually of your bra or your bathing suit. Top that has a place to put a pad, or if there is not all you do, is take a little piece of scissors and you cut in between the lining and the actual fabric, and you can just swipe in whatever is right there.

Your bag can sneak in a lot of things

This only works if you’re bringing like a bag, some sort of powder in if you know what I’m saying because it’s flat because I’ve had people Pat me down where they go like this and like this. So if there’s like a big bulge, you have some pills in there. Not going to work just be super safe because it sucks, if you like, tried hard to get whatever it is you’re trying to do, and then you get it taken away. It’S shitty and heartbreaking, so please definitely be careful. Thing is um. Some people at the music festivals will lift your bra say like this, or we’ll shake it out like this.

So whatever falls out the bottom. So if you put it straight inside of your boob, it might just fly straight out the bottom, and then you’re also so definitely just be super careful. Let’S just do some pat downs, don’t think it and also don’t look super suspicious, just dance on through. Like do your thing, just act, happy after the fun is crazy, and then just honestly dance straight through the line be super helpful to the people, and you should be fine. It’s an excellent place to hide stuff. Is your if you’re wearing panties or throwing a bathing suit, there’s usually either at the lining again or if your white panties there’s that little overlapping of fabric on the bottom so that you can shove stuff under there and that’s. What I would say is the best spot to put your pills or, if you have like something a little bit bulkier.

I would put it down there, and I would also say that you can put it sort of in your hoo-ha, but like in the bottom, not like shove it up, but in the bottom and just let it like hanging out there. So you just go past and then you just take it right out, but Lily makes sure it’s in a bag one. Nobody wants your vagina all up in there, and to most substances melt, especially if it’s hot, I mean. I’ve had situations where you’ll leave something out in the Sun, or you’ll leave something a little bit in, like maybe there’s a lot of moisture, and it will Literally, just suck straight up and it’s gone, so you don’t want that happening.

If you really want to bring things that are not allowed, follow my ideas

You’ll put it in a little baggie shove it up wherever and you’ll. Be. Ok, good. Is the collapse, collapsible water bottles, I’ll, put a picture right here of those you? Can you just pick those up at Walmart or get any convenience store? I one time I’m proud of it. What it’s not illegal, oh, but I put a whole bottle. The liter bottle of tequila in one of these collapsible water bottles – and I put it sort of where, like a pad, would go under my legs because I was wearing these jean shorts.

So I put it in between my panty and my shorts just straight under there just laying and hugged up – and they didn’t do anything and the guy who time is my shorts down to and he couldn’t feel it. So the collapsible water bottles can move in whatever direction. So that’s like great, and it hides so much in a little tiny thing stretch out so definitely personable stuff, and those are also good to even put water in. If you need to bring an empty one because there’s no water, you can just fold it up, and it takes up no space. Ok and lastly, is my tips just overall tips about uh drug use and having a good time in general, because you’re there to have time here, fewer vessels are the most magical places, and even if you’re not doing anything, because you can’t have fun sober, not Much people do that.

Still, you can, and just like, really enjoy the moment enjoy, who you’re with have a great time good vibes. Only we don’t want no lousy juju swimming around. So that’s when it comes to my next little tip is to make sure your friends are.

Why taking drugs that are not legal is a bad idea for you

If you take certain things, you know what I mean, and you are probably going to throw up, and you’re probably going to be dizzy, and if you take too much of certain things, you’re going to be like passed out on the ground. I’ve had instances where people have either blacked out. I had seizures, has called Maddox, and it’s just like it’s scary, and everybody wants to help and have a safe, fun time, and sometimes it’s out of the blue, and you can’t do anything to stop it. But in most cases, if you do take precautions – and you just make sure that you’re trying to do the best thing – you’ll be ok, the next thing I would say is to make sure that you have a meeting spot and keeps you guys lose each other and, along With losing each other, make sure that you are interlocking hands when you’re going through crowds because I like seriously you’re holding hands you’re pulling your friend along being like. Let’S go you’re trying to get someplace ASAP, and there’s like people going the opposite way, and they probably have trains of their people going this way, and you guys are just crashing into each other, so you wish to grab their hand and don’t like.

Oh, let me tell you you’re going to blast straight through the crowd. Don’T let go, especially if you little, their friends. Do not let them go because they will get washed up into something else, and then you’re going to be. So. If that does happen, though, you want to make sure that you have like a meeting spot where, if their fault isn’t working and usually most music festivals, don’t even have service. So I didn’t want to make sure hey, I’m going to meet here by this tree or by this food place or at the convenience store, like some weird like that, but just make sure that you have someplace that you are all aware.

Always make sure to stay hydrated

It’S going to go too if somebody is missing, make sure that you stay hydrated, but also you don’t want to go and wait in the bathroom lines, because, most of the time, the guy’s plans are like three people. Then the chick line will be like 50 People just wrapping around the goddamn bathrooms, and that’s not fun to way around, so you want to make sure that you are hydrated, but you don’t want to drink too much water. We’Re going to have to keep going to the bathroom and then other things that you should think about is getting some I’ll. Let you like a tap. Sometimes I usually get the one that you can just toss right in your water.

I’ll put some pictures right here, and I’ll drop. Some links below the ones I usually buy. The other thing would make sure you bring; I typically bring like bars, are just something little that you make sure that you are allowed to bring anything that has to do with food first of all because some tassels are super strict about what you can and cannot deliver. So, usually, you can find that list on their website, whatever festival it is that you’re going to if it says no like just put on the bottom because that’s cheap.


So if they do find that you can just toss it, but if they don’t see it, then you’re stoked to try it out because you won’t get arrested for it, and it’s also already illegal. So that kind of wraps up my video. If you enjoyed this – and I hope you guys – have a bomb-ass hunt at whatever festival you’re going to next – I’m going through hard summer next, and I’m super excited – I’ve also never been to hard summer. I’ve been to, I think, I’m just timing, my knife, music festival and I’ve never been to it. So I’m super excited if you guys have any tips or any like anything about hard summer. If you matter anything, please drop them below I’d love to chat. If you guys want to link up, let’s do it and just have fun, make sure friends are ok and lift your damn life. Good vibes only see you later

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