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Rave Tips & Tricks [2020] How to be prepared for a Festival

Hi everyone in this post I’m going to share with you three life-saving tips, I’ve learned from being unprepared at music festivals, so you can learn from my mistakes and not get stuck in the same crappy situations for those of you who are new to my channel. Welcome to my channel I’m cotton candy, I traveled the world attending music, festivals and post-festival, vlogs reviews and tips right here on my channel if you’re into EDM or music festivals. Please hit the subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on any of my awesome videos. I’ve been going to raves and festivals for 11 years now so that you can guess.

My Top 5 Rave Tips & Tricks For 2020

I’ve been to over a hundred rave events, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way because I was unprepared for those events. So I’m going to tell you a few of my personal stories and three tips: I’ve gained from those experiences so that you can learn from my mistakes. At the end of this video, I’m going to share a list, a list of 5 items you can take to Music festivals, that are complete life, savers, the first life-saving tip I have for you – is to be prepared for any nocturnal weather Wonderland is held in Southern California in mid-September. I went last year in 2017, and before I went to the festival, I, Like, had messaged everyone like asking what the weather was like there.

Always bring clothes keeping in mind the weather at festivals.

Everyone said it was super hot, but they were going through a heatwave, and I needed to bring clothes for hot weather. So when I went to nocturnal, I didn’t bring very many warm clothes. I only brought like one pair of jeans and a light jacket and the rest of my clothes were like summer clothes. Well, when I got there, it was freezing, it’s freezing. Everybody was like, oh, it’s 100 degrees here, and so I didn’t bring pants, and I didn’t bring like a jacket or anything. I had to buy this at Walmart. It’S freezing another festival. I was not prepared for was Paradiso this year. All I took was a light jacket, and when I got there, it was freezing it was pouring. It was just like I wasn’t prepared at all, so it’s raining, and it’s not raining and it pouring it rains so severely.

They even shut down the festival for a few hours because they were afraid of flooding. On the second day, we did invest in space blankets, so we had those with us they’re like the little silver blankets that you wear like for camping and stuff, and even though Paradiso was this year. I still didn’t learn my lesson because I went too easy in September and went through the same problem. Everyone had told me that it would probably drizzle at a zoo, so I didn’t even take a jacket. Well, it poured on the first day it poured so hard. It was so miserable. I was soaking wet, my hair.

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Apparently, after all these years, I still haven’t learned my lesson, because I still have a bunch of stories where I failed to research, the weather and I were miserable because of it. My second life-saving tip for you is that it’s okay to overpack, it’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared, especially if you’re going to a place. You’Ve never been to before. I went to Tomorrowland for the first time this year in July, and I’ve never been to Belgium before, which is where it’s held. So I love this packing. I was trying not to overpack – and I looked at this and thought well I need this? No, because Belgium is moister and it’s not so hot, and I’m trying not to overpack – and this might be just a little additional well, this is a saline spray. So if you get a bloody nose, you use this, and it stops there pretty quickly.

Carrying Wipes & tissues to a Rave is very crucial.

Well, when I went to Tomorrowland, I had a bloody nose every single day that it was at Tomorrowland, so like almost five days, one to two times a day, and it was miserable because they’re not just like little bloody noses. I got them in the shower, which was unfortunate. Am I in the mists like this the whole time every single time? I could remember that moment what I was packing, and I was looking at this saline spray like no, probably not cold, I don’t want to overpack. It is some. I let my life-saving lesson. Is it’s okay to overpack? If you think you might need it seriously, take it’ll save your life, you’ll regret it.

If you don’t, so, here’s a story of me being prepared. This time I go to EDC Las Vegas every year, so I’ve been six times, so I’m always really prepared for anything because I have made mistakes, and this time, I just like got it down. So what I do is I take everything that I could need and put it in one of the lockers IEDC. Oh my god, I’m glad they. Let me, in with all my see, the goal is to bring like everything you need and then keep it in your locker, so you don’t have to bring anything back.

The rest of the time that you come to the shuttles, like you, don’t need to bring anything else to your security, so we have like tissues and wipes and mouthwash and lots of anything you need like. I came from Paradis, and I went through this year because my friend Dan had a bloody nose, and luckily I had a plethora of little tissues and hand wipes to hold him off until it stopped. Since EDC is a whole other level of needing to be prepared, I think I’m going to do a separate video on what I take in the festival and what else you can do to be more prepared when you go to EDC. So if you want, please subscribe to my channel and keep an eye out for that video coming in the future, my third life-saving tip is to keep a notecard of relevant information in your wallet.

Never forget to keep your phone outside of your pockets.

In case you lose your phone. I thought I had an example of this, but I can’t find mine. You want to put all your friend’s phone numbers where you’re staying anything you might need to know, put it on there and have it on you in a separate location because I think a lot of people rely on their phones for things and just everything They need is on their phone. So what happens? If you lose your phone or you drop it, and it’s just wholly, destroys it and not salvageable, so I’m taking this back to escape Halloween 2015. I haven’t made that mistake since because I was so miserable. Basically what happened is I lost my phone and my friends at the very beginning of the night, so I was almost alone the whole festival. I actually couldn’t remember which hotel was mine because there’s four LaQuinta in the area and I was like crap. I have no idea what the address is.

Luckily the people who gave me a ride knew the area very well. So I was able to describe where my hotel was, and they returned to me safely. I am not lucky, and I didn’t have a horrible time, but if I want to know and some of my friends’ numbers, I would have been able to spend the festival with them cuz. I came from Utah with my friends to go to this festival, and I didn’t see them at all the whole time. So here we go are five items you can take to music festivals that are complete life. Savers. The first item is pocket-sized tissues, and these come in handy for a bunch of different reasons, and if you’re in a port-a-potty, and they run out of toilet paper, these come in handy if you’re getting a bloody nose.

They are typical for you in my friends if you’re eating music festival food a lot of the time, it’s like hands food like fries and hamburgers, these companies they run out of napkins, and actually that ties into my second item. The second item I have for you are these individually wrapped hand wipes. They come in handy for a bunch of reasons. Like I just said, music festival, food is long, it’s often hand food, and so after eating, hamburgers or fries and you’re only hand spittle all gross. You can use one of these. I know the port-a-potty areas usually have soap and water, but I don’t remember these make me feel a little bit better.

Hand Sanitizer should always be there with you in your bag.

I know people like to carry around hand sanitizer. I’m not a fan of hand sanitizer because I’ve had experiences, maybe not at Festivals, but where it’s leaked in my bag and just ruined everything, so yeah, definitely not a fan. You can get a whole pack of these for two to three dollars, and since they’re individual, wrapped, you can carry them in your pocket or whatever. It’S convenient my third life-saving item for you, our pocket. They make these Poncho’s that come in, like a container a circular container on a keychain that comes in handy. I have a bunch of them, except I’ve never actually taken one with me, and I bought them to take them to festivals, and for some reason, I always forget them and end up miserable any place that it says it might. Drizzle takes them because drizzle means poor.

You should also carry space blankets with you, if possible.

The fourth life-saving item I suggest you invest in are the space blankets. You can get them individually, wrapped packs. I don’t have any to show you guys, because I already used all mine, but they come in handy in places that might get cold and like I said it’s just right to be prepared because if people say it’s going to drizzle or it won’t be that Cold take one, they’ll fit in your pocket. They’Ll put it in your backpack. They don’t take up much room thereā€”a good investment. My fifth life-saving item – I think you guys should all have – is that no card with valuable information on it in your wallet. I shared with you guys my horror story.


It’s good to be extra prepared, like you never know, what’s going to happen, if you want me to elaborate on any of the tips I talked about in this video or if you have any questions, please Hit me up in the comments and if you have any life, saving tips comment those as well. I’m sure we all have plenty of storage and tips to share to help each other out. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my channel for more music festivals and travel tips. In addition to all my awesome music festivals, blogs, and reviews, I have reviews of the festivals I mentioned in this post.

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