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My Review of the Purge LED Mask [2020] Unboxing

In this post, we’re doing an unboxing of LED Mask. What we’re going to be unboxing today is a purge LED mask. I’m pretty excited, so I got this orange one from the online store. There are so many masks online, but all are costly. It kind of sketches me out so far because there is no tape on it after shipping, so hopefully, we didn’t get scammed. So the way that the mask works is there’s a remote which does come separately, you guys will have to put this on yourself.

So with the help of the remote, we’re going to turn on the LED button. There is no cord, and then there’s a clip on the back.

Purge LED Mask 2020- My Detailed Review & Unboxing

The Purge LED Mask is straightforward to put on. All you have to do is take the remote and shove it in, and it will work. The controller switch is effortless. You press the button for the modes once & it just stays on. Now press it again so it will blink and press it again. It goes crazy and flashes on it off a lot of times. Only one more time to turn it off. I’m shocked by the actual quality of this mask because the stuff that I got in from eBay before hasn’t been that great, but this is very well done.

We’re probably clipping the remote to our pants or something, so we don’t have to hold it around. So, let’s unbox this mask. It is a little bit smaller than I expected, but yeah, sometimes I hate twist ties. So then there’s another plug on this on the actual mask connected to it. The inside of the mask looks like it will settle for the memory foam piece on the inside, and then all the led wiring.

Revealing the Final Look of the LED mask

So let’s plug it in the two things together. I’m going to put batteries in it, and I will have to slide it open. No screwdriver is needed, and it’s just kind of slide off like that. It takes two double-A’s, so I’m going to grab two double-A batteries. I will have to check what it looks like in the dark.

Oh my gosh, guys, the Purge LED mask looks impressive in the dark. Alright, we’re going to put this on. There are three different modes. All the patterns are working, and I am going to wear the mask and slide the hood on. That mask and the hoodie look unbelievably cool. I wanted one of these for so long.

There is another thing that you can’t feel all the red blood splotches in the dark. I mean, you can see it only if you’re focused. There is also fake blood splattered all around the cover, which brings it out altogether. I love it like that. But I’m so happy about this Purge LED mask. If you guys want something for Halloween or Festivals and you’re, trying to figure out your costume, I will recommend this LED mask.

Where did I buy the Purge mask?

I brought it from Purge Culture. They have so many colors and so many styles that are sick. I recommend one of those, and I don’t know guys I wore those for so long when the Halloween was rolling around. So, if you guys want to put this mask up yourself before Halloween, go ahead and buy one. The shipping does come about seven days or something like that so that it will be quite a while here, but it’s definitely worth the wait. I’m very excited to be doing this for Halloween. I’ve never really done something for Halloween buzz like this year. Might as well do it because I watched like all the purge movies in a row.

The color of the Purge Mask is orange, and there are other colors like purple, green, orange, red, white, whatever you guys want you can pick. Let me give you one more overview of the mask, for we did two little things with it, so it looks good on you and the bad guys. The inside has a pad, and it’s very comfortable actually on the face. I am very impressed with this mask, as I said before.  I did like the strap because it is very soft, and it comes along with the padding, so I recommend getting this Purge LED Mask. It may take a while to ship, but it’s worth it like I said before, and you can buy this off of $17.99.

Best Way to Pair the Purge LED Mask with your outfit

Take the switch of the mask and put it in your hoodie. I’d recommend wearing a hoodie with this and will look badass. If you have the hoodie on you tuck it in there, it’s still hanging out a little bit, but once you put the hood on, there will be no problems, and I’ll be unseeable for the most part. When I put on the hoodie, the cable is not very noticeable, and you’ll be looking creepy as hell.

Another good thing about having a button in your hoody is when you change the settings, I’m going to know what I am doing, and you can easily switch them without being seen.

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Light Changing Settings & Modes

There is a third and final subtle setting on the Purge LED mask on the face. Personally, this one is my favorite because imagine seeing this an alleyway late at night, and you’ll be creeped out. I am going to do a complete costume of this mask. It’s going to be a whole purge outfit, and I have a baseball bat. The dress is a hoodie with weird pants, but you know it’s going to be cool.

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