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List of Accessories that I carry to a Rave [2020]

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my website. I am writing this post about rave accessories. If you’re new to my site, I did a whole series for EDC Las Vegas. So a couple of these items might be familiar if you watched any of those videos. But if not I’m going to be going through my entire collection and just going through a few of the things that I own and hopefully will inspire you for your next show or your upcoming festival.

Top Rave Accessories that you must own

I post every Sunday unless I’m very hungover and then it’s a little bit late. Sorry, you can also follow me on Instagram, at Emma Capades and on Snapchat at hey there Emma to follow, along with all of my shows, videos and pictures yeah, let’s kind of just jump right into it. I’ve got a couple of things to show you as far as Ray’s accessories go. Some of my most prized possessions are my glitters. I have so many sparkles; it’s not even funny.

A lot of these are from Michael’s craft store. I have pink hearts. I’ve got blue. I’ve got like your Justin. I’ve got gold. These are great for your body and your face. If you’re somebody who likes to do like crazy makeup or like body paint and stuff, you can easily put these on with Vaseline or Aquaphor or hair gel. That’s what I normally do just put it in a mixing bowl and kind of just like a store that all over yourself.

Glitter is my goto product at festivals

These are great, and some of you may have seen this before, but this is my glitter pack. I got this on Amazon. It comes with 24 different shades. You’ve got the whole rainbow in here. I use this for my hair for my makeup. I’m pretty sure this is Martha Stewart collection, and it’s great again if you’re someone who’s like into makeup like I am. This is fun. I haven’t run out of a single colour yet, and it’s a lot of fun to play with and to just experiment with, so this is one of my favourite Ray’s accessories.

I also have a collection of flash tattoos. I have a bunch in here I mean, I don’t know if this moment has passed or not, but I still think that they look cute and you know some just to throw on a temporary tattoo every now and then so you can get your hands on these. They sell them like online or pretty much in any, like a girly store. Next accessory is something that’s a little bit on the pricier side, but this is a gift for my birthday this year, and it is a Snapchat spectacle glasses. I love these as a person who goes to a lot of festivals and wants to be like hands-free, and I don’t want to have my phone out filming the entire time.

Glasses are also a good option in Raves

These spectacles have been amazing. I use them at UC, Las Vegas, and the footage is just so so cool. So if you are interested in splurging on something or you want to ask for like a gift for the holidays, I definitely recommend the spectacles. Another thing that you can go for is for snapback or hat. I normally am NOT like a big hat person, so I don’t have a big collection, but my favourite hat is my rage, hat and definitely for this summer, just like protect my face and keep it out of the Sun. I definitely like having a hat on. Sometimes another thing of obsesses right now are pom-poms, so I have my little like pom-pom headband, which I actually use a lot to do my makeup and just put my hair back, but this was from forever 21.

I think it was like three bucks super cheap. Then I also have a bunch of like individual pom-poms, their hair ties. I got these on Etsy, I have them in like light pink, and then I have them in white. I just think they’re adorable to like tie up your hair or just throw in as an accessory, definitely like much bigger than I thought that these were going to be. These are freaking huge, but these are a charming way to go. So I’m still here for a flower crown, I know like they had their moment – that’s like going, but I have like a dark red one which I used for Halloween.

I was a sugar skull, and I went to see above beyond at the pier of fear in New York City, so I wore this like a flower crown, and I also just made this recently. I got a really cheap headband from Claire’s, and then I went to Michael’s and like cut up a bunch of different flower bouquets, and I made like a little flower kind of like garden headband, because I had to go to a Midsummer Night’s Dream, themed rave. So I was dressed up like a deer, and I wore this headband. I will insert a picture here, so you can see how that costume turned out.

Caps and Hats are very useful at Music Concerts

For years, I’ve worn caps like almost every single EBC Las Vegas. This is from Essie. It’s just super pretty gold with little pearl accents; there’s a ton of different cat, your headbands – if this is something you’re into definitely check out SC, I’m also a big fan of bananas. I’ve recently gotten got into bandanas, and I’m definitely here for them. So my favourite one is my skull or my skeleton bandana from I heart raves I wore this at Ultra and an EDC, Las Vegas they’re, definitely comfortable you kind of like pull them up over your ears and it covers everything.

So if you’re somebody that’s interested in bandanas, they have them on I heart raised on Amazon. You can pretty much find bandanas, at any rate, store clout this year. This was my souvenir from EDC Las Vegas, which I was really excited about. I got this Electric Daisy Carnival bandana. I love these colours and this pattern. I know a lot of their merch this year was like kind of questionable people either loved it or hated it, but I did want to buy something at the festival to bring home. So I got myself a bandana, and I absolutely love these colours and this pattern. So if you’re, a fan of an artist, in particular, I would 100 % say, go and buy some of their merch and support them and Rock some accessories as I did.

I just got my mala mask. I cannot wait to wear this. It’S kind of been like way too frickin hot to wear this like this is heavy-duty ski mask. It goes like down to like your neck, so just be warned if you’re going to buy this online, but I’m obsessive mala. I cannot wait to wear this at Electric Zoo he’s playing on Saturday so that I will be rocking this, and hopefully, you know more in the winter when it gets a little bit colder. Okay, some like random little things here, so I have kaleidoscope glasses, which look sick. These make me sick to be honest, yeah like even looking through this right now and I’m going to get a headache, but I think these look so awesome they’re entertaining.

All kinds of crazy things are allowed in these Festivals

I will link everything down below, but if you’re somebody who’s like interested in, like seeing all the crazy lights and all that fun stuff, then definitely pick up a pair of kaleidoscope, glasses. Now, what kind of raver would I be? If I didn’t have nipple pasties? I mean right – I haven’t worn these yet, but I’m going to one day, I’m going to have the courage to wear it, but I got daisies of course, and then I got these really cool hearts that are like green and black, depending on what lighting you look at them in.

But yeah, I just bought like the kind of like a mesh top. I have on now um, so I’m gonna maybe save these for like a bigger festival, but these are both from. I heart raised they’re a little bit. Pricey, especially since you’re only going to wear them once, but definitely check out some stuff online. I know Amazon has a lot of pasties as well as far as bags go. I highly recommend getting yourself a Camelback.

If you are somebody that goes to a lot of outdoor festivals, don’t have mine on me right now. My brother is borrowing it. He is in Chicago at Lollapalooza. I am so jealous, but he borrowed my Camelback for that. So I highly recommend getting yourself one. It’S definitely a lifesaver in hot weather, but there’s also fanny packs. So I have like just a plain black one, which this has been through everything with me.

I just got like this cool tribal pattern like the colourful one from Claire’s. I haven’t worn it yet, and then I got my maraca fanny pack, which I love. This is really fun, so definitely look into fanny packs, I’m like not even about wearing curses anymore. Now that I’m on the sandy pack train like we just bring that back. That was nice. I also have a pretty big collection of choker necklaces, so I have like a daisy one. I have plain black about the ties, and then I also made a ton myself so that Michaels you can buy this really stretchy string.

So I just bought brown and grey and white, and then I got these little ornaments. I have arrows. I really love turquoise and like totally here for turquoise but yeah, and I just made like a ton of chokers myself. It was super, cheap and they’re really nice quality so, and I’m pretty sure these, like or washable. If I wanted to like wash off any makeup of them, but yeah it’s kind of fun to make your own accessory. So definitely look into doing something like that. You know at least is my candy collection. You can see my EDC wrist bands in here. I have a lot more than this. I kind of split it with amongst my friends, but I love making candy.

Last words on what are the best thing to bring to a Festival

I try to do it before, like almost every festival, so I have some new stuff. My little made me this flower one, but yeah you can put like little pom-poms on them. These are just like so fun. I don’t. I don’t know five and one reviews, and they’re fun to just trade. I got this one that says infinity and beyond from somebody at EDC and yeah. It’S just like a great way to be a part of the rave culture and spread some peace and love and trade some candy, so that is it for all my accessories.

I plan on getting more and expanding my collection. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope I inspired some of you to go pick up some new stuff for your collection. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed. It helps me out, and I appreciate you watching these videos and subscribing to my channel and supporting me because I’m having a lot of fun doing this. So thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you in the next post bye.

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