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Festival Essentials that you should always have with you to a Rave [2020]

Hey, guys welcome back to my website. I’m writing a post on everything I’m packing to be at the festival. Sorry, this post is going to get uploaded after beyond the valley, because it’s tomorrow- and this is our last minute- but I thought that would be a good video to upload anyway.

My personal favourite Festival Essentials 2020

So if you guys have any festivals that you’re going to especially festivals that you are staying at, then this might help you with what you should bring. So I went to the underbelly last year, and I kind of got an idea of what was helpful to bring it. What I didn’t need to bring so yeah, I feel, like I’ve, got my pack list pretty um well done. If that makes sense anyway, I’m just going to get straight into it. Because it’s sorry much! I know this is going to, be such a long, video. Sorry, let’s get into a case.

So the first thing I have is a portable speaker. I don’t know um, but yeah, definitely pack a portable speaker or several. If you’re going with a big group, try and get everyone to bring their iron just because they do run out, especially if you’re applying them all the time. So the portable speaker is the first thing. Next thing is camping, chairs. Wait, you just got these cheap ones from came up at a $ 10, so they do get a break, and it doesn’t not off. Camping chairs are big.

festival essentials 2020

Why should you always carry a towel with you?

The next thing is a towel. You can take any time you like this is just in case you get wet you’re guaranteed to get wet at some point. They do have like some vegetables that you have pools, and they have like these sort of shower sprinkler things, or if you have an actual shower, you need to say so. The next thing you need is an S key. We got this one from Kmart as well. It was, I think, $ 20, so you need an S key to put ice input in your drinks and stuff like that or if they’re taking food last year we took heaps of fruit and we didn’t use like any of it.

So this year, we’re not even gonna bother we’ll just bring a couple of snacks and then if we get hungry, we’ll just eat from the food trucks, what I also have in is SK we got from Kmart, we got this to drinking cars, are so cool. You just take off, you just take off the lid, and you can just fill it with ice and a drink, and then you can just carry this around if you like, mixing vodka and soda or whatever. So you don’t have to worry that, as you know, carrying around plastic cops think this is gonna lid on that and everything and then what I was bought.

Socks, Portable Chargers are a must at Festivals

I also had long stocks because of festivals, a lot of people wear Doc Martens, and if you do, I recommend wearing long socks, because you’re gonna be working walking around all day and you want something. That’S gonna protect you from listeners, okay, you’re also gonna want a portable charger. This one I got from BCF. I think it was around twenty or thirty dollars, they’re, not the cheapest things in the world, but they are worth it um. But when I found last year is that if you plug your phone into it and say you go to sleeping you like cuz these mine cut, this comes with, I think four full charges or three full charges.

So with this, the first night I plugged it in fell asleep, woke up the next morning, and it was run out, and I was like how does it run out like my phone on the charge once but because it was still plugged in it was still like Emitting energy, and so it runs flat. So the best advice I can give you with this is to charge your phone and keep an eye on it, and when it’s 100 % take it out, like don’t leave your phone connected because it’ll drain it so yeah. Definitely a full charge on it.

Makeup Bag- It’s my personal favourite accessory to carry

Seeing is my makeup bag. Well, this is my makeup brush bag. I’ve just got all of my makeup brushes in here. I’m just packing the bare essentials. I’m not big like I love makeup and I don’t do crazy makeup. I just kind of do the basic stuff, so you just need the basic brushes basic stuff: don’t go too crazy on it, because it’s just like you, don’t want to have all this stuff that you don’t need and all these brushes that you don’t need to try And like keep it to a minimum, and then I just have my makeup bag um. It probably would be better if I had a more hardshell bag to protect it a bit more.

But this is just my makeup bag, and it’s got my makeup in here. I’m not gonna go through it. Just because I mean, I can do a separate video on what’s in my makeup bag, but it’s just full of my makeup again. I’ve just kept it to the bare minimum, and just because you know I know I just don’t wanna bring all this stuff and then from the bagful of my job. It’S just not worth it to me. The sorry thing that I have is a jacket. This is just one from pretty little thing: yeah you’re going to need warm clothes. Sorry, that is the jacket that I will be bringing. This is probably one of my best tips that I can give you guys.

I did this last year watch so well, sir. I bought this extra-large they’re large storage bags, it’s empty now because I’ve used them, but I bought these large storage bags. I planned all of my outfits out, and then I put the entire outfit with you know the accessories and everything in the bag so, That every day, I can just wake up put on the entire outfit and don’t have to worry about it. It’s such a good idea because it’s just so stress-free or your outfits, a plan. You don’t have to worry about it, especially when you just want to be having fun at the festival. You don’t want to be thinking about what you’re wearing, sorry.

This was a big lifesaver, so I’ve got my outfits packed, and these bags are ready to go. So it’s just got the complete outfit. It’s got any accessories in there that I’m wearing with it on for each day, so I had four of these bags filled with outfits. You know, to be honest, I am gonna be bringing a few spare outfits, but that’s just what I brought to show you guys yeah. I recommend those ziplock bags. It’S such a good idea and yeah and then when you’re close done, you can put them back in a ziplock bag. So you keep all your dirty clothes separate to the rest of your stuff. It’S honestly the biggest tip.

I can give you the next thing. I have pyjamas. I do recommend bringing a set of pyjamas just cuz. You know I mean some people don’t release label, they sleep in their clothes, but it is nice. Just have a drama set in case you feel like wearing them start. This is my set. It’S from Peter Alexander, and I like it, I’ve. I brought this and tracing this one because it comes in a little zip bag. So yeah you can just keep it in the bag, and then it just looks like that. So that’s the pyjamas that I have brought. The next thing is the sunglasses. These are the ones I’m bringing they’re just from where they from all beginning boutique.

These are the Sunny’s I’m bringing you to need something it’s especially during the day because it’s our hot and sunny – and you don’t want to be like trying to watch the festival but artists play with the Sun in your eyes. So sorry about all the extra noise I’ve got like 15, he put my head yeah. I’ve got like 15 people at my house right now before the underbelly, and I’m just going to get this video right. The next thing is a waterproof outfit. Now, this might seem stupid or like dorky or whatever, but I remember last yeah I was so wet and miserable. I was just thinking to myself I promise myself that I’m going to bring a waterproof outfit next year like I don’t want to deal with this wetness again, so I got this from another spot. It is a waterproof jacket.

Waterproof Jackets are something new that is uncommon at Raves

Oh, that’s like it’s a waterproof jacket and then it comes what doesn’t come with and buy them separately, but it’s just matching what prepared and they contingent that at the bottom. So I know it’s like kind of weird, but I feel like this would look half cool, and a file extension that I don’t have this like baggy outfit going on and you can just put it over the top of your clothes, or you can wear It by itself so yeah. I recommend a rainproof. The outfit, not just a jacket. If you can get pants, get pants as well because the weather can turn crazy and you there’s nothing worse than being wet and miserable and then like not being able to get drying or your clothes getting worse. So definitely recommend that okay.

Shoes are very important

So the next thing when I’ve got is a pair of shoes. These are shoes that I’m taking this yah they’re just white boots. Sorry yeah! I’m taking these. I like taking some fruits that I don’t care if I’m gonna rack, just because um yeah, I feel like they just get started destroying festivals. I would not wear any of my good shoes to festivals just because yeah, I don’t want them to get wrong. Sir. I’m just taking some boots, but I don’t care if they get ruined, so I’m taking Doc Martens also really good. I will don’t last you, but this year I wanted to wait like these white boots just because they mesh my outfits a little bit more than black, but yeah I’m bringing dirt. So this year we are camping in the like VIP glamping bit, so they have a letter city.

Sorry, I’m bringing my head straight now. I don’t know if I’ll even use that, but I thought I’d take advantage of having electricity this year. So bringing that, though, then obviously you’re gonna need to bring bras and underwear. I have like a few different types of bras. I have like a strapless bra, a stick-on bra, just a normal bra, and then I was variable at this little silicone nipple covers as well just further all different types of outfits, I’m gonna be wearing. I’ve got different priced, but it also has 206. My Bhai bought me these so yeah. I feel like that’ll be a fun time and then you need to bring swim, is so if you have showers, or even they do have like yes stuff, they want to talk, they do have like hoses and showers and stuff that you can, like water attraction, sort of things, so I’m thinking some is I’m bringing two pairs cuz.

I couldn’t decide what your pair, but I’m bringing this leopard pair. This is from the bare body boutique on Instagram, and then I’m bringing this pair this again see a swimmer that I got. I’m here to custom-make me, which is just this hot, pink step, and I like this because it comes with a little bag as well. So it’s just really good to trouble with oh, my gosh. It is so hot. I apologize I’m like sweating, okay. So now I’m gonna go through my toiletries. Sorry, this is the toiletry bag that I’m gonna be taking it’s from the filmmaker. Sorry I’ll just show you some of the things you need to bring it’s very. First of all, you need to bring it to makeup.

I love carrying Face Wipes at Concerts

Wipes this is the simple one things in the best makeup wipes. I thank you so, David, I’m bringing um I’ve just got my iron tablets or any medication. You need to um. I put this cleansing cream. This is what I used to take my makeup off. So I rub this all over my face and then use and makeup like to take it off. Normally I use oil to take my makeup off, but I like this because it’s a cream, it’s not going to leak in the bag of gold centre oils can be a bit tricky um because they sometimes believe my retainer.

But I will probably wear this. The best tool – but I mean you, know, roll-on deodorant toothbrush. I don’t know actually when I put on my slowly in the bathroom, but you need a toothbrush, and I use this little cup to put herbs a cup of it um, and then I have this little box with hair ties. I have a mini Aveeno moisturizer raised. Are have some dry shampoo? You need this and, first of all, because you probably won’t even wash your hair the whole time that yours better, I have a mini face. The cleanser I have an eyelash brush the Terra nut, also some toothpaste, a small hairbrush.

I love this one. It’s like this is a tangle prayer by Lady Jane, it’s like a no-call tangle teezer, but it’s seriously the best thing, and then I just have some baby wipes as well because these can just hope to like freshen you up um in between showers, so yeah. I think that’s everything I’ve kind of rushed through this video just because of it just sort of cut in here – and you have put a lot to do. Still, if you aren’t camping in the VIP glamping or looking glamping bit where they provide tents, embedding. You to also need a frame tent bedding pillars even like a top: what’s cold like a gazebo and a table, they’ll say really handy things true, but this is pretty much the essentials that I’m bringing.


So I hope this post helped you guys out. It gave you an idea of things you should pack to be on the belly. This is what I’m taking I hope you enjoyed the post and I will see you in my next one.

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